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XP halts on startup. Win XP CD won't start

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  • XP halts on startup. Win XP CD won't start

    I dual boot with System Commander 7.0, either into Win XP or into Windows ME. All has been working very well... until yesterday. I hit the standby button on my keyboard (while in XP) Monday night, and a little while later I brought it out of standby to shut it down. Now when I try to boot into Windows XP I get a blue screen that the computer is halted to prevent damage to my computer because of the followin error:


    The above is exactly what it says. Can't boot into safe mode, safe mode, command prompt or others. It always comes up with this. When I try to run the Windows XP CD to start and do an overinstall or repair, it goes to the point of "Setup is Starting Windows" and that's where it stops. XP partion is active. ME is hidden. I can boot into Me fine and that's where I'm at now. Checked hardware within ME and all is normal.

    Good thing I have System Commander to be able to get into my computer. I can even go into the drive that has Windows XP and see files etc while I'm using ME.

    Any ideas??


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    you could always format the drive with winxp and do a clean install... but that is a last resort.. if you can wait... i'm sure someone here will have some bright ideas... if not just clean it up and start again.


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      It was the video card guys! I got XP back up and running after changing back to my Diamond Stealth III AGP card. I was running with an abit siluro T400 64MB. It could also be a corrup driver file as well. I'll have to re-install it again and see. Also could be thouse damn 28.31 drivers that Microsoft gave me in an update of drivers as well. I've heard that the earlier drivers were much more stable than these new one.

      Glad I had a dual boot and able to use Window ME to do a little browsing and searching for problems!

      I got a new motherboard installed, the Abit KT7A ver 1.3 running an unlocked Athlon XP processor. Boy! what a bugger that is to do right! running at 1.667 GHz 133 X 13 multiplier. That's pretty good huh?