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pup.exe anyone???

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  • pup.exe anyone???

    Okay so I'm not the crispest cracker in the box, but the pup.exe file on my PC has a virus, it wiped out my Windows Media Player. I don't even know what a pup.exe file is, something to do with external...see I told ya I wasn't the crispest, anyway .....I have AVG anit-virus it keeps saying it healed the virus when in fact it didn't. Can someone help me? Please :)

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    Go to msconfig (start > Run > msconfig) and disable it in te startup tab. Then find and manually delete the file. You may have to end the process in Task Manager, which you can do by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and clicking the processes tab. Post if you have any problems deleting it.


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      The Virus itself was called Trojan horse Downloader.VB.EC. I ended up using Spy Sweeper and I deleted 155 spyware programs, and 2 viruses, and the pup.exe file, it completely wiped out my WMP but I was able to reinstall and not lose anything, I had to enable my system restore before I installed the wmp, but it worked out okay. Thank you for replying next time I will know, after all I have MS I have bugs :wink:


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        You should get Ad-Aware at I have used both and most will agree that it's better than Spy Sweeper. :2cents: