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Password Access to Shared Folders in XP - how?

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  • Password Access to Shared Folders in XP - how?

    I am using a network at college and my friends and I have had a great system of file transfer, but now I find that XP is inhibiting me. Using 98SE we all had upload folders that gave others full read/write access to a specific folder. We were using a password we all knew, this made giving people files easy, but prevented random files being written to our folder and was a good virus protection. Now with XP Pro I find that I am unable to set a password to a folder. I can still access other computers with folders that are shared with a password using the usual password prompt, but I am unable to set a password. XP help files are no help on this matter, atleast I haven't found them to be.

    If anyone can tell me how I could set shared folders to be accessed only with a password it would be great.

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    sorry can't set passwords on shares in XP, or 2k...

    but you can setup permissions...create a user for them, set the password to what you all know and give it to them & let them access it that way...that'll work i think :)
    At the request of wiggo ;)


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      I looked into permissions, because I really only want three other people to have any access to my computer at all anyway, but I can't set the user options to any user outside of my computer. When I go to the user location menu it doesn't allow me to select anything other than the name of my computer. Perhaps I need to create a user account outside of the administrator account on XP and then set a password that would be applicable for anyone outside of the administrator?


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        Why on earth did MS discontinue setting passwords? Why is it that any system that works they have to screw up like that? I understand that for the average corperate setting this system seems more practicle, but why remove the option all together?


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          you'll need to create a user eg fred and then give fred access to those shared folders - make sure fred has a password and thus it will ask for a user and password

          MS have done this since it much more secure and means they only have to support one core system instead of the crappy 9x system


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            So by simply creating a user account that has a password for the use of a specific resource this would mean that any user on the network would have to use the same password as "fred" for that same resource???