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DMA cd-rom running as PIO

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  • DMA cd-rom running as PIO

    Hey all,

    I'm sure you're all familure with the problem of DMA devices running as PIO. I used to get this problem under 2000 but it was pretty easy to fix. Now that I've gone and moved onto winXP the problem has come back but I'm not having any luck getting rid of it.

    Currently my cdrom (52x sony) is attached as my secondary slave, and for some reason XP simply won't listen when I tell it that it's DMA. As you can imagine I'm not happy :very angr

    Any suggestions ? I've already selected "DMA if available" but it ain't doing the trick this time.

    Thanks !

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    I had that very same problem. I wish I knew what actually fixed it.

    I started over from scratch with all the latest drivers for everything. Once I finally got everthing installed I had no problem switching it over to DMA.


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      here I linked this in the news today and it's on the same prob but with HDD's but may also effect other devices as well.
      Sorry but only seems to be 1 fix for it atm. :smokin:


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        Ahhh, ok coolies ! Thanks for the link Wiggo, that could well be it !



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          Ok, well I did what it suggested and my cd-rom is once again running as DMA !!!! However it's running as the incorrect DMA mode. Not sure what's going on there...