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  • xp to 98

    im curently runnig xp pro and i want to install win 98se but heres the problem i hae no floopy drive i just fried it.

    is there ay thing i an do?

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    woah.. hold on there... firstly, what do trying to do? do you want to get rid of XP and run 98 or do you want to still use both? Depending on what you say, there is a good reason you can't do it that easily..

    Also, what have you got Windows 98se on: floppy disks or a cd?


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      well i would like to run both and win 98 se is on cd.



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        First off, you'll need to load Win98 FIRST onto the system, and then load WinXP. This is the only way that you will be able to run both operating systems together on the same drive.

        You will, of course, need to have more than one partition (or hard drive) available to accomplish this task.
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          ok.. firstly... To run both Windows 98SE and XP, you need to install them on seperate partitions. You can't install them both on C:... Secondly, to get them to work properly, it's recommended that you install Win98SE first, then install XP second....

          Finally, if you have Win98SE on CD, and you can set your BIOS to boot from CD, just do that and the CD will start the install automatically for you...

          EDIT: I was in the middle of replying, had to go do something, finished replying and find out darth beat me to it.. :)


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            well i already hae xp installed and i cant put the 98cd in and install it it wont let me and ive gone to the bios and made it boot a, cd,, c

            and yes the hd is partintioned.


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              if you make the BIOS boot to CD first, then it should boot from the CD.. if it's an original CD it will be bootable...

              Again, as Darth and I have pointed out.. You've basically gotta install 98 first, then XP.. even if you've got XP on there now, it's not gonna work properly...

              just out of curiousity, why do you want to install 98SE?


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                You will have to format XP off first then install SE and then reinstall XP as it will not work any other way. :smokin:


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                  well how am i going to get xp off the computer?

                  rember i hae no floopy drive


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                    looks like it's buring time papa

                    format it and start over :D

                    put 98 on then xp after


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                      Many PC's (all 3 of mine for instance) are incapable of reading/utilizing a CD-ROM without loading the drivers from a boot floppy.
                      In other words, no FDD=no CD-ROM.

                      Time for a new FDD PaPa -- they are pretty inexpensive as far as PC hardware goes. I wouldn't expect to pay more than about 15$ (that's US $'s) for a shiny-new one.

                      You can utilize the CD-ROM from within Windows, because Windows contains the drivers for the CD-ROM. Before Windows starts up though, it is recognized by the BIOS as a drive on the IDE, but it is effectively useless. Most BIOS's don't load the drivers for it.
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