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    Hi all,this is my first post and good to find such a helpful site!
    I've been given a Pentium 233 with only Command.Com on it, not even do I get it to recognize the CDRom drive so I can install Windows(i have no software on floppy)

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    As a computer that old probably won't have an option to boot from the CD-ROM (if it does, use that with your original Windows CD), then the best way to do it is to create a boot disk (floppy). There are a couple ways you can do this. If you have access to a Windows 9x machine, then go into the Add / Remove programs section in the Control Panel and select the option to create a Start-up disk. Another way is to go to a place like and get a boot disk setup file from there and use that. Then simply boot from the boot disk, CD drive should be working and you can install Windows.


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      BTW, is DOS. The hidden files, msdos.sys and io.sys should also be on it.


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        Hi again, got a boot disk from where u suggested and even though the "A" drive lights up and makes the usual sounds the only thing that happened was now the beast boots as b4( to a C: prompt) but then it goes straight into a Win98 stating screen and thats where it stops! Tried rebooting without the boot disc (win 95b) but still does the above
        As I tried a "dir" when I first got it and it said only, I am seriously confused! Uh Help?


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          Go into your BIOS and make sure that the first boot device is your floppy drive but a Win98 boot disk would be much better as well. ;)


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            The sad fact is, a Win 95 boot disk does not contain CD-ROM drivers. A Win 98 disk does however.
            A Win 95 disk can be used but you will manually have to add the CD drivers & a couple of cofiguration files to it.

            Best & easiest bet is to get a Windows 98 Boot Disk. It will work just fine for installing Windows 95. That is, as long as your 95 system uses the "generic" CD-ROM driver provided by MS.

            Keep us up to date;
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              Hi again, have made a 98 bootdisk but don't know how to get into the bios or what to do if I did...know just enough Dos and Windows to get myself into trouble and can usually get out too but this is something I have yet to try
              Thanks for all your help so far


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                Usually at the start you will be given a key prompt to enter setup (usually Delete) and this will take you into the BIOS (the motherboard manual will also have this info). ;)


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                  Hi Wiggo, if thats where you go when you press cntrl/alt and enter , I've been there and messed with the boot sequence, tried reboot then returned it as I found it as that made no difference.
                  Also the only thing that came with the beast is a CDrom with modem paperwork. Was thinking of downloading one of those diagnostic programs, assuming I ever get the A: to work and get the guts on all the info that comes in handy :hammer:


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                    Sounds good so far,
                    as I recall, these are the basics;

                    Go into your BIOS and set your boot sequence to;


                    or the closest equivalent - just get A first is the important part.

                    Then save the changes and shut down the PC.

                    Insert the Windows 98 Boot Disk into the floppy drive.

                    Power on the computer.

                    You should see some jabber about the CD-ROM drivers loading, might appear as; Oak Technologies yadda yadda yadda - something like that.

                    Then you should be taken to an

                    At the A:\ you'll type a

                    If all goes well, you'll be taken to a

                    If so, put your Windows 95 CD into the CD-ROM drive - then at the D:\ type in

                    This should show you a list of files on the Windows 95 CD, if so, at the D:\ type in

                    at this time Windows installation should begin.

                    If you have any difficulties, just give the fellows here a ring - Wiggo's done this thousands of times.
                    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                      Must be close to it anyway but remember that the 98 startup disk will recreate itself as a virtual drive in memory so your CDROM will be 1 drive letter further along. ;)


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                        went int "boot disk priority ..was cd rom device,diskette drive a:, hard disk c:, LandeskService Agent for 3c98x (?)
                        changed to: A:, CD, C: and moved "exclude from Boot disk Priority" then saved rebooted and got "invalid system disk" from A; with win98 bootdisk. Removed this then hit enter and got usual startup stuff including Landesk waffle then straight into Win98starup screen where it stopped as b4. Hit Esc which returned it to Landesk... but still no C; A: etc
                        :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
                        got me!


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                          Just as a matter of interest, where did this PC come from? Any history at all? Any particular name brand on the case? Was it used by a gov or commercial organization? :?:


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                            All thats on the case is "Dell Optiplex GxA" and the Intel inside logo, the history is a mystery as I was last on a list of people its been given to. I changed HD"s yesterday and got it to load Windows 95 :thumb: but the only problem is that drive is my spare and only 340 mb (a tad small) At least I can get some idea of whats inside at least. However, I really need the other drive to work (can't afford a new drive till after Xmas)
                            Any ideas on reformatting or whatever would be very welcome!


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                              Ahh, so it's a brand name machine. That could make things different. I've never used a Dell, but can someone help out getting into the BIOS on one of these?