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Win98, ideas for blocking video games

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  • Win98, ideas for blocking video games

    "Hmm, well i hadn't counted on crazy teleporting boxes. No matter, I still know where he is." Looking to the collapsed frame of the skull, the reached out with one sleeve. The skull melted and flew through the air, becoming one with it's master again. "Luckily for me, this stuff is cheap."

    The creature known as Luggage was now hiding for some reason, but why? A tiny sliver of the Phantom's being was left intact on the walking chest's frame but it was enough to allow it's owner a clear view of events and not enough to be detected. The Luggage's apparent owner was putting the sleeper hold on some unknown humanoid to the sewer realms. With a small re-adjustment to his vision, it was determined that it was the owner of the upper convenience store. He appeared to be no match for the larger beast , but he was not trying to kill him. "This creature and his companion are smarter than they look, and they may have just what I need."