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  • Windows 2002

    Anyone heard about the next Win release.

    I heard next spring.

    Win 2002 is the next version, up from 98 without XP clutter.

    Do not know why it would be called Win 2002 in the year 2003???

    But I heard that B. Gates made a news release about it.


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    Have not heard of a new standard-user windows yet, but if they did it would be based of 2k/xp they would not take a backwards step now.


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      You may just find that it will be a basic "Lite" version of XP that will depend a lot on M$'s .NET framework (designed with this in mind) or 3rd party programs to be an effective os. ;)


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        What I heard is it would be basic like 98 and the bells and whisles in 2000 & Xp are add on options.



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          I still say: GO WITH DOS :hammer:


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            This is M$'s answer for the recent Anti Trust case and it's concessions to it but I wouldn't be surprised if 3rd party software firms are still treated just the same though and have a hard time being fully compatable so ppl will be forced to pay for .NET services. :(


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              Ya I still do whatever I can in Dos or Linux.

              But so much is made for Windows only!



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                Won't this be the OS with the infamous Palladium feature built in? :thumbs do


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                  Most likely. :(


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                    I know ya'll are getting tired of my questions...but here is another one.

                    Palladium feature????



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                      ANother one of microsoft's evil plan of taking over the world. I have a deep respect for microsoft. With all the **** they go through with legal issues and stuff. But this is turning me away. Its turning alot of people away. THe palladium feature will give microsoft the ability to basically "own" your PC. ANything that is not permitted that you do not legally own such as MP3's and all of the kind of things they can delete. They also got Intel and AMD to work together to integrate this new feature in the new upcommin processors.


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                        Which is why I'm hoping that this new Linux consortium that's streamlining the whole installation of Linux oses and apps into something as easy as Windows sure hurries up with it. :devil:


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                          Actually Red Hat is pretty easy to use's been windowized a lot and several of the die hard Linux users think it's lost it's roots but many main stream corporations are moving to it.

                          I played a bit with Slackware, took me three months to get the system configured and running but it was pretty cool once it was running.

                          I had to dismantle the system to build a computer for work work so I don't have Linux installed any more. If you liked the old DOS days you will love Linux. It's pretty powerful at the command line and the GUI's they have look good.


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                            Sorry but DOS was never one of my high points, I just know enough of that to keep me out of trouble and a big thick book for the rest. ;)

                            Lycoris is closer to my likin' though atm. :)


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                              bah fdisk and format, the best 2 comands every :D