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A Ghost 2002 problem

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  • A Ghost 2002 problem

    I have been attempting to Ghost (using Ghost 2002) a friends system to another partition but have run into some difficulties.

    Ghost runs satisfactorily and at the end of the session it reports that the dump is successful. However periodically through the session it asks for 'next media' even though I am Ghosting from Drive C: to a partition D:.

    The C: drive is a 40gig drive and the used space is about 11 or 12gig which compresses down to 8042gig but the trouble is that the image is broken up into 2gig segments. I dont remember the exact size at the moment but they are about 2040mb.

    When i try to view the image in Ghost Explorer it reports that the image is corrupt which according to the Ghost help file indicates that the Explorer has not recognised the file splits.

    Can someone help please?

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    i tried Norton's ghost only once. I didnt like it at all. I use PQDI or Power Quest Drive Image. It works great for me.


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      Thank you kane2g... personally i use both those systems very successfully but my mates drive is proving to be a difficult customer. I tried Drive Image and it delivered an error 45 which translates as damaged data returning a CRC error.

      I might just give up... regards :(