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  • 98 to 2000

    On on of my computers I am running Win 98.

    I have Win 2000 (full version not upgrade).

    The only way I know to install full version (not upgrade) is to rename

    If this is done will all 98 setting and installed peograms be lost.

    Anyone got help?


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    It's best for a trouble free installation to do a clean install as the older os will probably contain things (drivers and/or programs) that may make the upgrade (and that's really all ya doing) very unstable. ;)


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      Yes I know that's the best thing to do.

      But it get old reinstalling everthing, gets old real fast.

      But thought I'd ask, thanks for the quick responce.


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        First of all I would go with NTFS if you got 2000.
        But to answer your question, its either doing clean install and re-installing all your stuff. Highly recomended.
        OR, doing the upgrade and dealing with the problems that WILL arise along the way, and trust me there will be problems. it is MS that you're dealing with.

        Your last option is to get at least 2G of free space and install 2000 as your second OS and multiboot.

        I would recomend doing a clean install