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  • Boot windows ME

    I have new a new laptop which does not have a floppy drive fitted.Have installed xp,but want to partition drive and put ME on the other partition,because my ISP does not work with XP.How do I do this? as I understand it,to install ME you have to have a start-up floppy.

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    Something like Partition Magic could be used to add a partition on your drive, but some have gotten errors when using it. I don't care for it personally, but it is an option you could consider.

    As to the WinME requiring a floppy, unless things have changed, factory disks from Microsoft are bootable.
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      Something I should add (sorry... it is early and I'm slow)...

      I haven't used WinME so can't be 100% sure, but with the other Win9x versions you had to install that first and then install WinXP after and tell it that you wanted a dual boot system. If you tried it the other way around, it would corrupt the boot files on the XP partition.
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        sorry I didn't make myself clear,I know how to partition,and I have partition magic,its how to install ME without a floppy disk facility that stumps me.Really its another case of progress being a backward step.


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          As Darthtanion already posted:

          "As to the WinME requiring a floppy, unless things have changed, factory disks from Microsoft are bootable."

          Just boot from the cd.


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            Interesting info mate as my local 'pcworld'computer store said ME disks were not bootable,so I did'nt buy one.Perhaps I should risk doing so.
            intrigued by the 'Coventry-Ohio' bit as originally came from Coventry England,hope your's looks better.
            Also thanks to you 'Darthtanion'for your input
            cheers lads


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              I seemed to remember booting ME from cds for installation, so I looked for some references. There are several versions of ME. One upgrade version requires that it be run from inside Win98. This version will not boot. The full version and another upgrade version that also supports Win95 will. If you get a non-bootable version, here's a link to making a bootable copy of it:


              The part of Coventry Township that I live in is a semi-rural area sandwiched between 2 fairly large urban areas. My house is on a dead end street with only 4 houses on it. My house sits back almost 500' from the main road, and I have over 2 1/2 acres, yet I'm only 3 minutes from shopping, and within 15 minutes from 3 large malls. We have seen a lot of wildlife in the yard too i.e. deer, racoon, groundhog, squirrels. chipmonks, and birds of every description. So, it's pretty nice here. I know little of Coventry, England other than what it went through in WWII.


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                All full versions of M$ os's since 98SE have been bootable. Upgrades didn't get this till much later but I'm not sure what with as I've never bought one of them. ;)


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                  I think you have hit the nail on the head.I was asking about an upgrade version,at 'Pcworld',so salesperson was correct,just a shame he didn't tell me full version was b ootable.
                  Coventry England is improving,but is a typical industrial city,too much concrete.

                  Thanks to you all,I think my question has now been answered.