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  • ***help***please!!!!!

    I know this sounds stupid, but some dingbat has gotten into or accidentally changed the Domain Admin's Password.
    Now I know the only solution is to reinstall, "this is not an option"
    So..I want everyone to put their heads together and tell me there is another password recovery system built in to Windows 2000 Active Directory....
    Is there "any" good password recovery software out there that can this point money is not an issue. Within reason that is..
    I know I didnt do it, my boss claims he didnt and my programmer says he didnt.
    But obviously someone did, or Windows 2000 is being "stupid"
    Hope you can help....


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    Yes, you can go yhrough all different ways to hack it and retrive the passwords.
    BUT if it's a clean install your probably better off starting again, and always create a second accout with admin rights :thumb:


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      Unfortunately, this is not a fresh install, this is a Domain Controller in Active Directory.


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        OUCH :(

        You didn't have a second admin user?


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          put your drive in as a slave and then access system to correct,
          proviving you have aanother drive you can put w2k on. this has worked several times for me and also on xp:hammer:


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            I have found out how to change the Administrators password is Active Directory.
            1st of all, it was one of our Mexico Admin's who changed it, now he is locked out :D
            So to change it if anyone wants to know that is if someone changed it and not the case of forgetfullness.
            Open up Active Directory Users and Computers snap in and go to the "Built in" OU.
            There you will find a list of groups included in A.D.
            Right click on Administrator and select "reset password" it will only prompt you for the new password and not the old one.


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              Good to see that ya found the fix and the culprit. :thumb: