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MS-Dos, NT 4 in the same partition

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  • MS-Dos, NT 4 in the same partition

    I need some advice as I'll soon be in charge of a number of computers that currently have MS-Dos 6.22 and NT4 in the same partition. I seem to remember that there could be a potential for incompatabilities when the two reside in the same partition. The file system is currently FAT 16 and the apps. are mainly Dos based. The NT4 O.S. will come into play as the Dos apps. are updated to Windows apps. Any advice will be appreciated.


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    Hi everyone in Tweaktown,
    This thread has received no response since it was posted and I'm puzzled as to why. Though the question may have an obvious answer, there has been none forthcoming. As you may note, I'm new to the tweaktown forums. Still, in the time that I've perused this forum both before and after it crashed, I've found good advice in amongst all the good-natured banter. I'm wondering if this forum has lost it's edge since it crashed and has not recovered since. Also, if my screen name puts some of you off, it is the combination of the first two letters in my given name...nothing more.



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      Sorry but must of missed this one somehow but my understanding is that NT4 will only work on a NTFS partition while DOS needs a FAT/FAT32(depending on version) partition. :smokin:


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        Originally posted by Wiggo
        Sorry but must of missed this one somehow but my understanding is that NT4 will only work on a NTFS partition :smokin:
        Not entirely true Wiggo. DOS can only do fat (the original 16). Newer version of DOS that come with windows 9x can do fat, and fat32. Windows NT can do fat (the original 16 again) and NTFS. Windows 2000 and XP can do fat (the original), fat32, and NTFS.


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          Oh yeah, and if you have DOS and Windows NT4 on the same partition using NTFS file system, DOS won't work. Because DOS can't read NTFS. So that would be useless. You couldn't even get it installed except you manually copy over the files.



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            Hi Wiggo and FA-MAS,
            Thanks for chewing the "FAT" with me. I haven't checked into the forums (or my e-mail for that matter) for a while and didn't know you had responded till now.



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              You may want to consider upgrading to fat32/win2k as well. (if its feasible of course)

              the hdd must also be larger than 2gigs for it to be beneficial of any speed increases as well.

              So MSDOS 6.22 & NT4.0 can reside on the same partition as long as the said partition is fat16. msdos (any version) cannot read a ntfs partition. Only an NT based OS can.