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    I wish to know which is the best gaming OS. I currently have WinME *Shudder*. I'm looking for the best OS for my gaming purposes on this machine.

    GA-7ZX VIA KT133 Chipset Motherboard
    856 AMD Athlon
    Geforce 2 MX 400
    164 RAM, soon to be 512 SDRAM
    50x ASUS CD-ROM

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    IMHO, WinXP Pro is the one I'd recommend. If you're a stickler for the olden days, then go with 98SE.

    Outside of that, I don't see much else.
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      Now Windows XP has matured nicely as far as driver support goes, I would recommend it.
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        Thank you! :-D


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          Win2k or WinXP (or linux :) )are your only options since you will be upgrading to 512meg ram

          non- NT kernel OSes have trouble addressing memory over the 256 range.


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            I've decided to simply build a new computer all together for when I have 512 DDR RAM. And thus, I'll be reformatting in a few days and using the RAM that I have for Win98, however, I might buy a 128 stick of SD RAM just for the hell of it.


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              I was running winme,and loved it.Gaming was great.I hear so many bad things about winme,but i figured people don't know ****.i've ran win95,98,98se,and winme beats them handsdown.i'm currently running winxp pro,and it's all that!