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Win NT4 Unattended Install From CD

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  • Win NT4 Unattended Install From CD

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    Ok, I want to create an unattended installation of Windows NT 4 Server & one for NT 4 Workstation using bootable CDs.

    I can make a bootable cd, and I have my unattend.txt answer file created.

    My problem is this:

    1.) Cannot get El Torito bootable CD ROM theory to work since NT4 doesn't look for a winnt.sif file in the i386 directory.

    2.) Tried using Win9x bootable CD with batch files pointing to the unattend.txt but no dice

    3.) Using the Win9x bootable CD I added NTFSPRO and SMARTDRV and use the "lock|y" command to lock the fixed disk in DOS 8.3 format so NT can see the drive to install to, still no dice

    4.) Using above mentioned without loading RAMDRIVE on Win9x bootable CD, no dice

    I have been working with a very helpful and patient guy via e-mail.
    We can't seem to make it work.

    Any suggestions are welcome!!!

    P.S. It has to be able to run from the CD and I want to be able to configure the partitions manually, but everything else is specified in the answer file.