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Windows 2000 . Is it a Gamming Os ?

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  • Windows 2000 . Is it a Gamming Os ?

    Guys i am having ever increasing problems with 2k and overclocking .

    I just installed service pack 3 and have a funny feeling this is the cause of all my problems.

    Just want to know if XP will give me better performance and stability in games.

    Just post ya specs and your OS for me so i can make a decision.

    As you can see from my specs that if anyone is running roughly the same specs but with XP i would love to hear from you.



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    You'd be much better off with XP than 2K as 2K is really still the business NT os with a 9x like feel to it but as a gaming platform it's not a good choice. :smokin:


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      I have been using 2k as a gamming os for years but now that im in the tweaking mood its being a **** :)

      I can see no reason for the problems im having only that its the os or the spack 3 i just installed

      Grrrr getting pissed of because i just bought a **** load of cooling parts and a new special case and im having lock up and shut down problems when gamming :(

      NOT HAPPY JAN :scream:


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        I have a very similar setup to you (see No.2 PC link in sig) and I'm runnin' XP with it runnin' 24/7, Seti always on and its just used to play games on most of the day. ;)


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          Ok well XP will be going on over the weekend.

          Do i need the service pack ?

          and what sort or trouble is it going to cause my umm err my err borrowed yah thats it borrowed copy of XP ?


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            I haven't seen a need to use sP3 for 2K, so I wouldn't have bothered.

            With XP, definitely put on SP1, and if you use that copy, just make sure you've got a generated key...


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              SP1 on a clean install is a must. ;)