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Help touble shutting down

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  • Help touble shutting down

    I have been for over a year shuttin my computer down by just pressing the power button, which in W2k shuts the computer down fine. But just in the past week or so this no longer the works, pressing the power button shuts the power off just like with the old AT power supplies leaving the computer to need scan disk next time I boot.
    Second problem seems to be related when choosing shut down form the start menu and selecting shut down the computer restarts.
    If anyone knows any solutions to either of these problems it would be most apreiciated.

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    What OS?


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      I am using Win 2000


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        For starters, check all your ACPI settings are right in your bios and in device manager.


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          I have checked everything in the control panel and in the bios and everything seems to be set correctly as I said it aonlyt began to happen recently prior to that everything worked fine.


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            This might work. I seem to remember changing this setting and fixing it. Though I don't recall ever pressing the power button to shut down my PC except for the one or few times that I banged my knee into the power button. If this doesn't work shall I suggest reinstalling windows? From my perspective the BIOS and anything else never fixes anything like this. Go in your registry and browse to
            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\

            and look for a string value entitled PowerdownAfterShutdown and modify it changing the value of 0 to 1 to enable this setting. Reboot the PC and all should be good. If not then I guess your either looking for something else or your reinstalling windows. Good Luck.