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Glad to become a new member here!

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  • Glad to become a new member here!

    Howdy all members of this site I'm john and I notice there is no Windows 98 section here so if you don't mine I would like to post my Official Win 98 site here for viewers like you to check it out

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    Actually Win98 comes under Other OS so I'll just move ya over to there. ;)


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      Are you going to stick around and help out?

      If so, I've got a question that I have not been able to solve. It has to do with Folder Options on 98se. I have spent many hours attempting to get all of my folders to open with the options set the same. I want them to all appear in List mode. I have tried every possible combination of steps within the Folder Options menu. I highly doubt that I missed a step, like I said, I have spent hours. I am convinced that there is a configuration file somewhere within windows that is corrupt or possibly that this is just a bug.

      I believe that is the case because on fresh installs of 98se, I am able to set the folder options immediatly after completing the install. And from then on, the folders function exactly like expected, all of them opening to the modes that I set. So is there a file that all this information is stored? Because I am hoping I can just delete the file and then set them all with the 'Like Current Folder' command.


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        Oh yeah, Folder Options can be a bit flaky to say the least.
        You could try TweakUI, though I like your intention to hack the reg much better.

        Have you tried setting up the viewing options you desire, then using the "Like Current Folder" button, then confirm it ---- now, instead of clicking "OK", close the dialouge box with the close (the little "x" in the box) button in the upper-righthand corner.
        Then reboot the system.

        No guarantee, but sometimes that works, it's as if the "OK" button is acting as a cancel.

        Hmm, worth a shot, until I get the exact registry entry for the List view:confused:


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          Is folder options something that would be stored in the registry?

          If I was writing windows, I would store all of the info, like folder settings, size, placement, etc in a file called foldopts.cfg and be nothing more than a text file. If it gets deleted or damaged, everything is reset, and a new one would be created.


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            Yes, they are indeed Registry entries for the Folder Options -- I have been completely unsuccsesssful at tracking down exactly which one is used to control the "List View" setting however:(


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              I tried what you suggested this morning a few times, with no luck.

              But I did remember something I didn't say earlier... and this is why I think it is a bug, or other problem. When I use the "like current folder command, it Does change the folders I have had open recently, BUT if I rename ANY folder, they default back to POS Large Icons. And THAT is what I really want to change... I could care less if I COULD go through and set EVERY folder to be in List mode, but as soon as a move a folder, its entire contents, even folders within that folder are reset to GD POS Large Icons!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!

              I am about to re-install JUST to fix this. (plus its been about 6 months... hehe....)