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fresh install windows xp on Raptor

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  • fresh install windows xp on Raptor

    When i try to install windows xp on my raaptor HD. I press F6 and install the drivers for the sata raid fine. when i finally get to where it askes you what partition do you want to intall windows on wont let me install on anyone of the four HD i have. the raptor drive does come up but the patition is not reconized by windows as a usable partition or any of the other HD. I have downloaded and tried all of the raid files frrom the gigabyte website. Please any help. heres a little system info
    gigaabyte 7n400 pro 2 not sure on revision
    1 36 raaaptor hd
    3 ata hd
    built on raid "giga raid"
    if you need anything else let me know thanks

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    Re: fresh install windows xp on Raptor

    Silly question, maybe, but have you formatted the partition you are wanting to install on?
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      Re: fresh install windows xp on Raptor

      Why are you running those hard drives in a RAID array? You'd be better off just doing a regular install on the Raptor with no RAID.
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        Re: fresh install windows xp on Raptor

        It should let you delete the partition and create a new one.

        But as Casecutter said, why would you ever RAID a Raptor with slower drives?