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TweakTown Forums Policy And You. (You better read this befor

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  • TweakTown Forums Policy And You. (You better read this befor

    *Attention all Forum Members and guests:

    In the interest of maintaining a more professional atmosphere we have a nice little list of what is expect in the forums.

    1. No Piracy – Keep the software discussions legal. No hacks or cracks for software. No Windows activation hacks or CD-Key changes. No warez of any kind. This includes links. These posts and threads will not be tolerated for any reason and will be deleted or closed immediately.

    2. Search – Many questions and answers get repeated. Before posting, search the forums for any information relevant to your inquiry. No one likes answering the same basic questions over and over again.

    3. New Thread – You have searched through and could not find information relevant to your problem? Start a new thread just ONCE in the most appropriate forum that relates to your error/problem. Post your complete hardware setup, the OS you are using, full error detail along with error number (if present), what last changes you made to the system and whether or not can you regenerate the error situation. If an Application or BIOS is involved please post the version. If you have two un-related questios then starting two different threads with appropriate thread titles is a better idea then putting both of them in a single one.

    4. Appropriate Subject Lines – When creating a new thread, use a title that is appropriate. Thread titles such as ?Help? and ?Newbie needs Help? maybe locked/deleted. They will not get you the information you are looking for and are often ignored by the more professional and knowledgeable members.

    5. No Spam – Do not post the same information repeatedly throughout the forums. Do not post for the sake of posting and do not post useless or irrelevant information. This includes flaming and deliberate attempts to start 'flame wars'. Racism will not be tolerated. Posts of this nature may be deleted on sight. Post counts are not shown for a reason. Immediate banning can result under this section.

    These are here to keep the forums clean and professional so offenses will result in closed threads and/or deleted posts. Repeated offenses will result in being banned from the TweakTown Forums.

    Administrators and Moderators decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    Here are a few links for your help
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