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RH8 and windows network

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  • RH8 and windows network

    OK, so i got the RH8 up and running after much of a struggle. So how do i go about taking resources (Data and MP3s) of my winXP boxes.
    I got networking all set up so i can surf. But do i have to mount the drives? or is there some other way?
    Im kinda new to linux, so bear with me. But i'm pretty good w. networks and hardware.

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    BTW on the windows machines i have already turned on "Sharing" of all the resources that I use.


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      You have to have Samba installed and configured on your Linux machine. When you do, you can use smbclient, and it will show you the shares on the Windows network. Then you can copy stuff over. Be sure to configure SWAT also, it makes managing Samba so much easier.

      You can get it here:

      But, if Redhat's like I remember you have 3 packages you need.
      They are on the CD, last time I checked.

      samba client
      samba common
      samba server

      then configuration should be easy, for help check the HowTO



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        Parts are getting here on the 17th. The other RH box isnt stable, its either the box or the new Gnome, so will have to wait. but thanks for the reply.
        I cant wait to play with it.