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  • Out Out Damn Spot (M$) - I am Free - Free at last

    Been using Linux (various flavours) for about 9 months now but with an old Win98 partition "just in case".

    Formatted the Win partition last night and gave away or destroyed all the M$ CD's.

    Now I am totally Linux...still a total newb with lots and lots to learn...but I am comfortable with that....If I can't run anything under Linux or find a Linux equivalent then I don't want to run it...

    The decision really is simple when you make your mind up......

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    That's great to hear Oldbugger. :thumb:

    Once I get the last 3 PC's for the year out of the way and put the guts to this PC back into it's own case then I'll give these two (Lycoris LX and Mandrake 9.0) a go but I won't be doin' to my M$ software what you did as it cost me too much to get in the first place (I still want my moneys worth out of them yet) plus repairin', buildin' and servicin' PC's is a bit hard to do without.


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      I agree. If you make money build, repairing, servicing, building networks, and dialingin performance for any PC you just have to sit on both sides of the fence. Or go total M$, but who in their right mind would want to do that??? :confused:


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        Welcome to the club :D


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          Originally posted by Bern
          Welcome to the club :D
          Does that mean my initiation via IM is done?

          Thanks for the help the other day. The ISO's are now CD's and partition magic is done for each OS. I still have to get LILO thou. Hopefully ill be installing Mandrake, Red Hat, Lycoris, and Slackware tomorrow. If all is completed youll be seeing another jpetg to go in my sig.

          Itll be a 5 OS system when done. M$ being only 1 of those.


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            The welcome was for OB, it was a welcome to the M$ free club, but you can have a welcome to the light for your decision to start dual booting :D
            And remember.....use the source luke!


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              Good job, Oldbugger! ;) I became Linux-only with Mandrake-Linux 9.0 on December 20, 2002! I f***ed up the NVidia drivers at first, but that was because I was trying to use the 4191 ones. Just had to reinstall Mandrake adn use the older 3123 NVidia drivers and now I'm fine! My system's been running faster than ever and I can do nearly everything that I could in Windows. Now I got to test out WineX again so I can get Empire Earth on my system! :D The GUI can do everything now, but I use the console at times as well! :)