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  • Windows applications in Linux

    Does anyone know anything that you can use to run windows programs under Linux? and/or where i can find one?
    I think i've heard of one before, but cant remember what it was called.
    I've only just started with Linux, using MDK9 and really liking it :thumb:

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    A couple of Windows "emulators" (they're not actually emulators but act like it) I've come across but haven't used with most distros.... partially successful
    WINEX and for..more successfull and emulates directX calls
    Win4Lin (Actually fully install windows inside a linux shell) for

    I think there may be some others and various releases of these with varying success rates....


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      Where is the best place to get/download stuff?
      I think it's pretty good but it needs a bit more for me to ditch windows staight away.


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        If you are talking about the best place to get more linux programs then try either or (Look Under downloads then linux). Also, just start doing searches or ask us as to what programs you want.

        Also, for wine you might want to check out I used wine about two weeks ago and got it to do simple things like play solitaire and notepad, I got it to start half-life but it would never load the game...but check it out.


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          Win4Lin is probably the best with almost 100% compatibility I've read (cause it installs windows inside a linux shell), but it does cost a pretty are probably better trying to find linux versions of the games or whatever software you are thinking of running...may end up being less trouble in the end....Except for the games (which I don't worry about anyway) I found linux workalikes a lot better than the windows stuff anyway..


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            WinMx 3.3 won't display the search results nor the transfers when I tried to emulate it in WineX. There's another emulator that you might want to try, VMWare. VMWare can emulate any Windows OS, but you need to install it through VMWare to access it. DirectX shouldn't be a problem in VMWare, but it'd be kinda nice if I could get WineX to work properly.