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  • Dont be Slak

    Anyone with Slakware 8 want to send me a copy of it?

    I shall send blanks back & cover postage.

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      Raise your hand if you dont have cable.

      /me raises hand

      I left my cd pouch on the train. which had my slak/mandrake/various music cds (fortunatly they were burnt copies from my stacker, easily replaced)
      I can get mandrake back, my mate has it. But I cant get Slak. No more chello at work either, so i cant just download it again.



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        I'm a slacker....I've got install and extra's for slack 8.


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          Gimme Gimme Gimme!

          What does the Extras cd have on it?


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            Amongst other things it had the jsdk-1.3.1 in a tgz package, makes getting java running on slack a breeze. PM or email me for postage details if you want copies.


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              Yay, Slackware's web page is back up. I was scared for a moment, I thought I installed a Linux distro that was no longer. But they seem ok.


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                They had a hardware failure...all the rumors about a hack were just rumors.


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                  I didn't even know of the rumors. I just knew they were down. Heh.


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                    I just got all 3 iso's downloaded from SourceForge. The Install, Extras, and Source. Not that I'm gonna do anything with the source. But I'd still like it just in case.


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                      That last post was me. I just cleared my browser cache and it didn't make me log in. Anyway.


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                        Bern is sending me the isos. yay

                        Looked around on my isps ftp and found the isos. 2+gig. I could prolly d/l that at about 6-7k/sec. But still, thatd take a helluva long time.

                        I wish they had an office down here, i could just walk in and slap 3 blanks on the desk and say 'burn em for me'

                        tried that with the ghetto isps in town and they looked at me and said 'linux?'
                        and after explaining where it was (on their own hdds....idiots) they then wanted me to pay $5 per cd. even tho im supplying the cds.

                        Thanks for sending me slak btw Bern.


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                          Done :)
                          One of the disks you sent threw a write error during the burn so I used one of mine, don't worry about replacing it. I'll get them in the mail this soon as the flood subsides enough for me to get up the road to the post box :)


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                            Was the dud blank a Kodak 80min?

                            I ran out of the metal azos and told the post office lady to chuck in whatever they had in stock.

                            I got another blank off her as well (was a kodak) and it too was a dud.

                            Didnt see what she put in there with my last azo.


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                              They were a couple of vertibims (sp?) one good one and one dud.....but you get that sometimes....