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XBox runs Win2K 0- Inside Linux VM - Copy That BillyG

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  • XBox runs Win2K 0- Inside Linux VM - Copy That BillyG

    Have a look at the link.....the XBox Linux project now have the XBox running a full version of Win2K INSIDE A MDK9 LINUX VM ....and running MPEG4 at full screen......Billy Gates must be real happy....,,t269-s2123049,00.html

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    Im sure he is ecstatic.

    Anyway, now that the sarcasm is out of the way, Microsoft are probably annoyed somewhat. If they had plans to release multimedia packs (audio/video players and the such) for the Xbox they will now have to compete with their own product.
    now thats justice.

    'Sticking it to the man' is all good and well, but honestly.
    Money spent on a barebones system will get you the control over the hardware you want.


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      I agree...its just that they thought the Xbox was the image of things to come and an example of how the upcoming Paladium security stuff would control all the digital copyright just goes to show where there's a will there's a way......but anyway that's what we mostly do isn't it?....push the envelope a bit


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        Yep, sticking it to the man I congratulate them for. I just cant see the point of buying one until it actually does operate like a pc.

        Buying one to play kickass games on makes a whole lot-o-sence.