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Basic Linux help for a newbie

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  • Basic Linux help for a newbie

    Ok so I'm not that new to Linux, I know my way around the GUI and such but what I really want to learn is how to fully utilize the Konsole.

    My problem, is the Linux tutorials online. This makes so little sense to me that I almost have a full mental break down, all of the tutorials that I have EVER seen that are supposed to be geared towards the newbies seem to assume you ALREADY know Linux in and out. One of my favorites is the newbies guide to installing drivers, I didn't understand anything, theres never an explaination about why you do something or what something means you just do it, copy and paste.

    What I would like to know is, what are some good Linux newbie books, specificly on Mandrake. Step by step guides are good :lips:

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    YoLinux is a portal with almost every linux related link you can think of, the LDP has a comprenshive colection of guides, books and How-Too's, most of them can be downloaded as well,
    Linux step by step has another good collection and there is always google/linux not to mention the best way to find out about things which is just ask a question.

    [ps]: there are a multitude of news groups about linux and lots of IRC channels too.


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      Is there somewhere where I can study the Konsole commands? ex. Gives a list along with explainations for each command and variable.


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        Well, the Konsole in KDE is just a name for a terminal window and is a front end for bash, ($) as a user and (#) for root. There is a Bash Prompt How-Too at the Linux Documentation Project, but it is also used to issue commands to other programs.