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Mandrake 8.1 easier than XP?

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  • Mandrake 8.1 easier than XP?

    There is an article on the Register about the latest from Mandrake being easier to install than windows(e)XP(ensive). Its part of a series where the author is testing the install of many OS's on a bog standard Dell box to see which one is the best, so far drake 8.1 is ahead of the pack....I can imagine what he'd say if he tried slackware :D
    Anyone considering trying linux for the first time would be making a good choice with mandrake, and if you don't have the bandwidth to download an iso you can get a cheap copy from Everything Linux.

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    Yes I've been followin' that particular series of articles there as it focused from the view of an average person that's really not all that clued up on the real inside technical workings of linux (like me). ;)


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      The redhat series was interesting especially when mandrake shrugs off cable select and just works. I've been a bit hesitant to recomend redhat to newbies lately, not just for that but because up to v7.1 they were still using an old version of lilo that still suffered from the 1024 issue, which would have caused too many install failures on the large drives that are common these days.


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        Yeah that part of it really surprised me so it looks like my copy of Mandrake is the 1 that's goin' to be used now. ;)


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          I would really love to try Mandrake on my main box, but everytime I install it it fails to enter linux afterwards.

          I have a 40gig IBM drive as master, and a 4.3gig seagate as slave. Installs mandrake 8 fine to the 4.3gigger, but when I reboot i get either:



          1010101010101010101010101010101001...and so on for a few pages

          LILO is on the mbr of the 4.3gigger, and ive tried several mulit-boot managers but no luck. I want no LILO on my 40gig as I find it destructive and totally ghey. (not to mention annoying to 100% get rid of)

          Got the 'Drake on my old p150box, but it has a crap serial port controller so I can only connect at 14.4. So I cant use it for firewall/net surfing. Overall I like the feel and simplicity of it.
          RedHat I dont like much, and i havnt tried Slak as much as I would like to. (im not in the habit of totally reinstalling a perfectly working linux distro for a new one im afraid.)


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            The Bootdisk-HOWTO has the lilo error codes. LI is; The first stage boot loader was able to load the second stage boot loader, but has failed to execute it. This can either be caused by a geometry mismatch or by moving /boot/boot.b without running the map installer. I'm not sure what the 101010101...error is but it's not a lilo error message. Next time you install mandrake try doing it in the "expert" mode, its not that much different from the normal made but gives you the choice the change from the default selections to some that might work better, and give grub a go instead of lilo.