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Newbies to Linux question??

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  • Newbies to Linux question??

    HI, i have heard many good things about Linux so i guess this is the time to try. I just dont know which Linux out there is the best to use for server. I will build a dual processors ftp server so Linux should be a one.
    Another thing, can i used cd burner in Linux, what burning programs out there?
    Any suggestions, comments are welcome.
    Thankx: peace2:

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    For a server or any purpose I bet everyone here's gonna say Slackware. That seems to be our distribution of choice. Unless you're really new to Linux, I would go with that. It's got a steep learning curve. I was new to Linux and jumped in head first with Slackware. Glad Bern's been there to answer questions. If you are new, I'd go with Mandrake. To answer your other question, you can use a CD burner. Here's the HowTO for CD Writing. It inculdes info on setting up the burner as well as the programs.


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      i would have to sya go with redhat or mandrake just because they have alot of support and such but slackware is also very good.