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    I guess it can go here unless it should go in another category it's about Linux and Virtualbox.....

    My friend has Linux fully as in it's his only OS.. he does have a copy of Win7 he got from the launch party but never installed or opened it yet...

    He recently got an iPod Touch... but was wondering can he use virtualbox and just use Windows that way for iTunes to put songs, video and images on his iPod.... cause all he'd use Windows for would be iTunes for the Touch so... he figured why actually install install it.. and have to constantly reboot just for the mp3 player... he has a copy of Windows as I said if it won't work...

    What version of Virtualbox should he get... I really don't use VM software so not sure as to which actual version he'd want... though another friend suggested get the actual sun version not the OSE one cause it won't support USB.... and supposedly the sun has USB drivers/support...

    But which one one their site is it.. I looked myself and couldn't tell..

    If this should go in another section feel free MODs or Admins to move it and let me know for future reference but it is dealing with Linux too so though it'd be okay to go here....

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    Re: Ipod Question

    You can have your friend take a look at this page and this page. He just might be able to transfer media on his computer without installing windows.


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      Re: Ipod Question

      You want the Virtualbox Personal Use and Evaluation version, not the Open Source Edition. PUEL edition includes host USB passthrough support, and OSE does not.

      A better solution would be to use Amarok or Rhythmbox, which are iTunes-alike music players which support music transfers to all version of the iPod/iPod Touch. Amarok is standard in KDE, and RhythmBox is standard with GNOME, which means that nigh-every Linux system has one or the other.

      Reference: Comparison of iPod managers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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        Re: Ipod Question

        I've used this Virtual Box setup to sync my iPod and it does work. I used the Personal use version, and all you do is set up a usb filter to capture your ipod. When you plug your ipod in, Windows inside the virtual machine will see it just as if you plugged in to a windows box. I never had any problems with it.