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KDE 3.0.2 / Mandrake 8.2 Questions

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  • KDE 3.0.2 / Mandrake 8.2 Questions

    I just recently upgraded Mandrake and KDE to the latest versions and I've got a couple questions concerning the changes. I remember in KDE 3 you could make the taskbar at the bottom transparent, but I can't seem to fnd that setting anymore , only the one to make the menus transparent. Anyone know where this setting is ?
    secondly , now that I'm getting more comfortable with the linux environment I'm using the konsole more , ever since I upgraded from KDE 2.2.2 to KDE 3.0.2 when I close the konsole I get an error message that says: "KDEInit could not launch 'konsole-noxft'" it doesn't effect how the konsole works but it is annoying ...
    Last one :D Is there anyway to see NTFS drives under linux , I thought it could recognise them.

    Thanks for any help. (Bern:thumb: )

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    You'll need to install an add on for a transparent kicker (taskbar), you can download it from (along with a lot of other cool mods). AS for the error "KDEInit could not launch 'konsole-noxft'", in the properties of the Konsole, Execution, the command line must be: konsole %i %m Delete the "-noxft" and that should fix that little error. For read only access to an NTFS drive you need to load the ntfs module, "modprobe ntfs" as root and then mount the partition.