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Pentium 3 to Linux

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  • Pentium 3 to Linux

    I picked up a Pentium 3 from the trash. It still works. It has a loaded Windows 98, and its name is Compaq Deskpro (Model Unknown).

    Using the device manager, I found these specs, note that they are all integrated stuff:

    GPU/GFX card: ATI 3D Rage Pro (atir3)
    NIC/Ethernet: Compaq NC 3161
    SFX: ES1869 Audiodrive
    USB: Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI to USB

    Printer-Scanner Combo: HP Deskjet F4180 all in one

    I have picked Ubuntu Linux, Open Office Linux and Mozilla Firefox Linux. So how do I set these things up? Where can I get the drivers?

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    Re: Pentium 3 to Linux

    Run the Ubuntu live CD 1st and that will tell you what drivers you'll be required to find (most of that should be supported) but if you do require any (and need help installing) then will be your best source of help and information.


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      Re: Pentium 3 to Linux

      I have chosen the "Dapper Drake" (6.06) Live CD. Downloading is underway...

      Phew! What should I do in the next 6 Hours?


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        Re: Pentium 3 to Linux

        if you are familiar with windows, maybe it will be easier to you to install windows XP and then run linux as virtual machine (for example some ubuntu distribution) ude google to search for vmware virtual appliances and you will found aout something about that...
        Maybe this will be easier way to get familiar with linux...


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          Re: Pentium 3 to Linux

          Originally posted by Aguiluz View Post
          I have chosen the "Dapper Drake" (6.06) Live CD.
          I also recommend you to test "Karmic Koala" (Ubuntu 9.1) on your machine.