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    i run a custom computer shop in arizona and would like to offer my customers a alternative to windows and the only thing to me worth looking at is linux so here's the ?, which one should i offer for absolute total newbie customers used to windows(ugg):smokin:

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    Well I would recommend Redhat because of their (almost) total-support options and their package management system is rather good although some people do experience problems when trying to compile their own programs.
    Okay my 2 cents now going back to the corner


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      At this point I would have to recomend Mandrake linux for a newbie distro, RedHat is more a server/corperate product. You can get a brief rundown on most distro's at DistroWatch.


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        OK here's my 2 cents to add to the kitty.

        In so much as which distribution is better or easier I truly have no idea or opinion.

        But I will say that in my ventures around the www that Mandrake and Redhat are by far the most widely documented.
        That's got to be a real asset to someone venturing into open source for the first time.
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          Gernal consencous around the digs is that Mandrake is the best newbie Linux distro. :smokin:


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            I've got Mandrake 8.2 installed and runs pretty good. I tried Red Hat 7.2 and had issues with getting it to get started. Perhaps me.. but that should say something. I also have Redmond Linux, which is getting upgraded to Lycoris/LX after next tuesday at the KLUG (Kalamazoo Linux Users Group). From what I've seen of Lycoris, it might be the best bet for newbies that are windows oriented.. sure looks and feels like Windows anyway. It not as feature rich as Mandrake, but if your skilled (me??) you can certainly add to it with the accomp. CDs included.

            Is Wiggo a gal?? Always wondered with name like "babe posting moderator" *VBS*.. no offence to ya Wiggo if ya are a guy!!


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              It's always been my opinion that Kay should have kept her original forum identity, then we wouldn't be having this sort of confusion:D
              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                Damn now I am disappointed. :cry:


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                  There there Wiggo. Frost is a kinda' recent addition to the line-up here. And like I said, I think it is all Kay's fault for changing her handle. (though if you should tell her I said that I will vehemently deny any such statement:D ) Be just my luck though she will venture out of the Beer Garden just to see this.

                  Frost, unless Wiggo has been the perpetrator of the longest running identity scam within this forum, he is a guy.
                  The Title Babe Posting Moderator was bestowed upon Wiggo for his remarkable ability to track down and share some of the nicest pictures (within a PG rating of course) of the feminine form as anyone has had the pleasure of viewing,

                  uhh, this might be a good time to offer Wiggo a virtual beer Frost
                  The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                    Sorry Wiggo!! I'm not sure what beer ya want...perhaps Foster?? *S* How about a nice glass of Fenn Valley wine (I'm the winemaker there)??? Perhaps a nice Sweet Harvest Riesling? *S*

                    I've noticed that when it comes to Linux, there are a LOT more guys than gals that use it. If you do an ICQ search for Computers.linux and include "male" it goes on almost endlessly, however if you change the search to "female" in it's search priorities, it diminishes greatly.

                    I went to the KLUG meeting last night and picked up the CD that Bruce burned for me with KDE 3.0 for Mandrake. I looked at it last night, and it has some RPM files on fact LOTS! I included the CD in the software managers list as a source of software. Clicked on the stuff that pretained to KDE 3.0 and installed.. well sort of. It kept asking for a dependency and told me to insert download CD 3 in mnt/cdrom (thinking that's right), and so I put it in the other CD drives (have 2) but never recognized the drive, so did not install successfully. Now if I go into the CD and click on a RPM file, then the sofware manager does it's thing and runs. Does that mean KDE 3.0 is now on my Linux Mandrake 8.2 partition??

                    See ya.. and here's a nice Guiness Xtra Stout for Wiggo *passes a full stein with nice head on it, to Wiggo!*


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                      BTW I notice systems mentioned on here in the posts, mostlhy in the signature.. but will post my system in case it has importance to my tweaking. *S*

                      Abit KR7A-133 MB
                      Athlon XP 1700+ OC to 1667MHz
                      Kingston PC 2100 256MB cas 2.5
                      Maxtor 40 GB ATA 133 "liquid" drive
                      Maxtor 2.1 GB ATA 33 "Old" drive
                      Abit Siluro T400 G Force 2 MX 400 64MB AGP video
                      D-Link DFE-530 TX+ NIC
                      SB 16 PCI sound card
                      U.S. Robitics (3COM) PCI hardware Modem 56K
                      Zoom DualMode 56K external modem
                      Logitec Optical scroll mouse
                      Web Beetle (protec corp.) LAN connection for internet sharing.
                      Multi boot : Windows XP Home, Windows ME, Mandrake 8.2, Lycoris/LX.

                      that's about it.. *S*


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                        Pls no Fosters but will have a Toothey's if stretched though I'll stick with my homebrew thanx. ;)
                        Though if ya make a good port.... :D
                        Maybe I should add "Master Brewer" to my sig. :?:


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                          Frost does Mandrake have some type of Control Center application that will tell you what Kernel, KDE, glibc etc. etc. version is running?
                          I have no idea myself, but SuSE has such a function and I would consider it a pretty basic tool that most distro's might have. If not they should!
                          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                            Being a total newb to linux and having tried RH6.2, RH7.1, RH7.2, MDK8.1, MDK8.2 and Lycoris I found Lycoris just works out of the box....straight hassles. It looks like WinXP and feels about the same...a little less polished but as are all the Linux distro's. It really is good to get into Linux via an easier path rather than be confronted with some really technical issues. It has good support online.

                            One of the probs I have found with the larger distros is they try to be easy while at the same time offer extensive technical options and variations...This compromise doesn't work well for newbs and really confuse total newb's I can tell ya...

                            Lycoris is great for a total newb (if almost too WinXP like).


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                              i've tried them all, well most of them, any of them that were worth a crap.

                              ive tried about 15 diff flavs for i86 platform, the prominent including redhat, mandrake, suse, debian, turbo, slack, corel, etc...

                              on the sparc system [i used to admin] i liked solaris coz it was easy and stable. HP unix, and IRIX were okay but solaris kicked ass.

                              for PPC (mac, yes they have linux for mac), i liked mandrake PPC, yellowdog, and linuxppc2000.

                              if i had the money, id buy a dual g4 800 and put a copy of osx and mandrake ppc on it. it beats the hell out of a PC if you are running linux. but in the mean time i'll have to stick with PC's until a grad college and get a real job =)

                              for a newbie. go for redhat or mandrake. mandrake was a spin off of redhat. so anything you need with mandrake you can read RH docs on.

                              get a book. sams linux unleashed is the best reference. unless you wanna read page after page on online docs, strain your eyes from monitor radiation and go blind.