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Linux Lycoris (aka Redmond) Distro.?? Install ??

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  • Linux Lycoris (aka Redmond) Distro.?? Install ??

    I have Windows XP, Windows ME, and Mandrake 8.2 installed in my comptuer in my 40 GB Maxtor HD. I use System Commander 7.0 to manage my multiboot stuff I attend a Linux users group near here and they have high speed Internet connection and sell distributions to cover the cost, basically of their CDs. I got the Mandrake 8.2 from them to upgrade my store bought 8.1 and it upgraded fine.

    I bought a 4 CD set from the KLUG (Kalamazoo Linux Users Group) last night, and installed it on my coputer. Even played a game of solitare (I won) while setting up the programs, etc., on a second Maxtor 2.1GB Hard Drive I set up for Linux Ext2 and Linux swap.

    Now it only took 1 CD the First CD to get it all started where it booted into the Lycoris Linux, but they call it Redmond. I also have the other 3 CDs that I bought, and was expecting the programs to prompt me to insert this one or that one as it went along, sort of like Red Hat or Mandrake does. However, it did not.

    I looked on CD 2 and there are a lot of RPM files, and I was using Konqueror file manager and installed the Xfree86 one and also one there for Acrobat reader. Installed and seeming all went well.

    Do I have to install each and every RPM that's listed on these CD's or did I miss something in the initial install??

    Lycoris Desktop/LX CD #1 build 43 - Binary Install (required) 1 $3.00 $1.50
    Lycoris Desktop/LX CD #2 build 43 - Source Code (optional) 1 $3.00 $1.50
    Lycoris Desktop/LX CD #3 build 43 - Development Tools (optional) 1 $3.00 $1.50
    Lycoris Desktop/LX CD #4 Game Pack (optional)

    I cut and pasted the above from their web site to help with knowing what I have. *S* The $1.50 is for contirbuting memebers, the $3.00 is for all others. *S* per CD.

    Thanks guys!

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    Here from Lycoris (Redmond) Linux... *S*

    What happened to Galeon?? The Redmond seems to be a whole lot bare when it comes to extras.. Maybe I haven't given it a fair shake, but when I went to network, as in WWW it had the choice of Mozilla build 2001120521. No opera, no Galeon, no Netscape.. hmmm Maybe they are on those other distribution CD for Redmond I have.

    Finally got the IP address straighned out, else I wouldn't be here.. kept finding me as which was not the case.

    Also every time I go to configure e-mail from the KDE "control Panel", it asks me for an e-mail client and when I click on the folder on the left, it crashes, and then that's that.. *S*


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      Don't forget that Lycoris (redmond) is a new distro and wont have all the features of the more established distro's straight away.


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        This distro. says "Redmond" when you boot up. Is there the possibility that it is not the most current? IE. at you see it referred to as Lycoris not Redmond.


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          According to DistroWatch the latest stable is Build 44 (1.0.1), you have build 43 (1.0.0) and the devel version is build 45. I think it's just not a fully featured distro yet, but it looks as if it could take the "newbie friendly" title from mandrake when it matures a bit more.