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Getting out of X-Server?

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  • Getting out of X-Server?

    I am trying to upgrade my graphics driver and it is telling me I have to log out of the x-server. How am I suppose to do this? I am knew to using Linux. I am currently using Fedora Core 3.

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    Re: Getting out of X-Server?

    i bwelive you only need to boot into runlevel 3 [console] instead of runlevel 5 [Xwin].

    the guide here might be helpful:

    scroll down to at least " Determining the Default Boot runlevel"

    if you have an nvidia vicdeo card this guide may be what you need ;


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      Re: Getting out of X-Server?

      press: Ctrl+Alt+F1

      as root, type: init 3

      this will put you into run level 3 and give you a login prompt, thus killing the x server
      when you reboot, it will load up into your default run level (i assume it's 5, aka GUI)
      or after you are done, you can simply type "init 5" or "startx" or "kdm" or "gdm" or "twm" or any number of other commands to start the x server again