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Mandrake Linux 10, where??

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  • Mandrake Linux 10, where??

    Well i have a couple of questions first. I wanted to know if you can use x-windows in mandrake linux 10. We use this at school and i wanted to practice it at home. Also i only have the one computer, so i wanted to know if i can dual boot this with winxp pro already installed on the c drive. i know a few years ago i was going to put on red hat linux 8 and the install ended up overwriting my MBR for xp and i couldn't log into it.. but i can't remember if that was because i had the winxp on a different drive with the MBR only on the c drive.. just checking coz i don't have time to reinstall windows and all my software..

    and the main question here is this. where can i download Mandrake linux 10.. i only found the Discovery version for free download. but it doesn't have all the programs that i need. also i would need the nvidia drivers that it says are supported. so i need the powerpack version. thanks guys. Oh and to clarify i need a free version, us student have no money :(

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    Re: Mandrake Linux 10, where??

    Main site address:

    I'm not a heavy Linux user so I won't try to answer your first series of questions and concerns, but the addresses above will allow you to download the .iso files so you can burn them to CD at your leisure.
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      Re: Mandrake Linux 10, where?? also works well for disto downloading

      1. X comes with Mdk and is started by default (or from the command line with 'startx' or 'init 5')

      2. you can easily dual-boot with Windows if you have enough hard drive space (or a seperate hdd entirely)

      3. when Mdk sets up the bootloader (lilo) it will give you options where to install it. Installing it to the MBR is recommended and Mdk should configure a boot option for windows automatically. You can even make Windows the default if you wish.

      4. nVidia drivers for Linux can be found here:

      5. I'm assuming this powerpack is the version that must be bought. But it's only a 4th disk and isn't needed.
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