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XP-Linux dual boot info ??

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  • XP-Linux dual boot info ??

    I'm a Linux newbie. I am building a P4 system and plan to install Windows XP and Linux ( thinking of Mandrake 8.2 - read it is the most installation and user friendly).
    Would appreciate if someone could send an outline of the basic steps for partitioning and dual boot and installation order - XP first or Linux first.



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    <--waits for burn to step in.....:D


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      I think you ignore that gibe Bern...we appreciate your help as do many of the people having similar probs......its what these forums are about ...helping newbs and experienced people alike


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        I don't think it was a gibe as much as it's the truth.. Everyone knows and loves Bern around here.. He's basically the Linux King of TT.. that's why everyone knows he'll come in here and save the day.... :D

        - Bern.



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          I might have read it the wrong way and I agree 100% with what you have said....he's saved my bacon already...well saved me a lot of time and given me a lot of tips.....I was just giving him some recognition and support for his efforts..


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            you and me both.. ;)


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              *cough*....oookkkk.....nothing to see here, move along :)
              Install windows first, windows always overwrites the mbr....or at least win9x does, making your linux non bootable execpt with the boot floppy that you _should_ make during the install. If your hard drive is big enough give mandrake 10g, make a linux swap partition double the size of your ram up to 512mb, which should be enough swap for anyone. Also make a small vfat (fat32) partition for swapping data between xp and drake, linux can read ntfs but write support is broken and can cause data loss. Mandrake uses GRUB as the default boot loader but also includes LILO, both can boot windows and the mandrake installer does an excellent job of setting up the boot loader, there are how-to's for dual booting with lilo and grub at


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                Heehee - go easy Oldbugger.
                Shepps was just stating the obvious.
                At the same time he was letting YSN know that his thread would be addressed, and bumping it up.

                I had started a reply to install Windows first (because I believe that is the general rule of thumb) but I deleted it, 'cause Bern could handle the partition questions as well.

                Hey, it's all good!

                Kudos to Bern! He comes through again. (no pressure, of course)

                And if someone were so silly as to take a shot at Bern, there's a few Linux newbies here who would hastily form a Penguin Protection League! Quick - Fast - and In A Hurry:thumb:
                The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                  What I like is that you get real answers here in the forums....not generalities and "issue" advices...... I probably was a bit thingy about Shepps comment but with good reason.....flames for real help only stifle the real help...and we ALL need help at times

                  [Oldbugger seen getting off soapbox and shuffling out of the park]


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                    Originally posted by Oldbugger
                    [Oldbugger seen getting off soapbox and shuffling out of the park]
                    No need to worry folks, I imagine Oldbugger will return when we need him most.
                    Who's turn is it on the soapbox?
                    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                      i ment it in a nice way, i started to answer....but couldn't remember if mandrake will create its own partition so i just thought i wud say that bern wud answer when he saw it. Wasn't trying to be nasty or nething :D


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                        Thanks a lot, folks for all the replies. I am going with a Gigabyte 8IRXP board and P4 Northwood- if any experience with this board, please let me know, Thx. I shall be back as soon as I get all my hardware with more questions.
                        So long, Happy Tweaking.



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                          I have 3 Operating systems on my machine, and it's pretty simple and straight forward to have System Kommander from take care of the partitioning. It has the Mandrake Linux (plus several other flavors) alread figured in. I told the OS Install wizzard that I wanted to install Linux, and when prompted "Mandrake" and it set me up with a "customizable " size to put Mandrake into and also created my custom swap file in drive "d" for me (64 recommended at least.. mine is 95MB.. but I have 640MB RAM too). It started... resized my C drive, moved and verified files and folders.. created the space I told it too and set it up as a Linux partition Ext2 and a swap file. Then I formatted the linux partition while in Patition Commander, the primary patition and the extended swap file partition.. it hid and protected other OS on my machine such as XP and ME.. So when I booted from the CD ROM, Mandrake found the Linux partition already there.. installed to it (hda4) and now I go to ME, XP or Mandrake Linux.. think I'll also set up this for Redhat too, since a friend of mine is downloading that. *S*

                          Works great! I wouldn't want to run my computer without it. Really!