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  • Well hello there

    The oldfart is now a Linux convert......this my first install using RedHat 7.1.....Lycoris on its way.....just like a new adventure isn't it.......when I get a bit more proficient (in about a hundred years) I'll try some of the more tech stuff....but I luv it.......

    how the hell do I get the cd burner to work?????its atapi and somehow I have to enable the scsi the F%$# do I do that???

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    Seems several of us are getting our feet wet.
    Doggone shame isn't it, such a powerful OS - and (speaking for myself) being so limited in my ability to function within it?

    Hoowhee this OS has some real powerful tools. With any luck I'll only be another hundred years behind you Oldbugger:laugh:
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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      M8 I'm like a kid in the lollie I said above....glad most things work off the bat.....I've got a lot (LOT) to learn.....this OS is truly amazing....and close enough to free to be free......why have I persisted in buying "cough" that **** M$ stuff before I dunno........

      I am a total newb with this stuff and I am amazed...I can recommend it to anyone ..if you are prepared to try that little bit harder ( and I was lazy too) ....the adventure alone is worth it


      I've been playin with all sorts of system thingies and haven't crashed the system once.....what a bloody change from Windows which coughed and spluttered at even the thought of system mods


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        I just love bouncing spam LOL!
        Life is better as a sys admin:thumb:

        Where do I go to see what that message on the bounced email looks like? Or is there a message?
        OK, stupid newbie question - so what's the answer?

        HeeHee get root --- Root Rocks!

        I'm looking for one of those "Got Root?" T-shirts.
        Hmm, that reminds me, my TT shirt should be arriving soon!
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          Heh,heh..I want a /dev/mug :)
          For all your cdrw needs go here.


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            Yeah Right......

            I just read the "HowTo" for writing CDs and getting Linux to recognise my Atapi cdrw........hmmmm meaning the eyes scanned each word....I had absolutely no idea what half of it said or how to even start.......

            I think I'll wait till Lycoris turns up......


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              This is the first few lines of my /etc/lilo.conf
              # LILO configuration file
              # generated by 'liloconfig'
              # Start LILO global section
              boot = /dev/hda
              append = "hdd=ide-scsi mem=nopentium"
              The hdd=ide-scsi part tells the kernel that the secondary slave drive (hdd) is to use scsi emulation, once this is in your lilo.conf (don't forget that you must run lilo {"/sbin/lilo"} after any change to lilo.conf) then when linux boots it will detect the drive as a scsi device. You can verify this with "dmesg" which will display the boot messages that scroll past too fast to read during the boot.


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                Thanx....I'll give it a try.....just a bit tired after playing with Linux most of last night (for the fun of it).....but all of this is pretty new...thats what makes it fun


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                  Lycoris......hmmm...i couldn't get that dam distro to install, went for mandrake instead. From what i heard mandrake much better ne way no im not complaining! :D


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                    I tried Bern's suggestion...I don't have a lilo.conf file anywhere...I'm still booting from floppy at this stage and it seems to have a fixed loader....tried mucking around with several conf files etc but only succeeded to lockup during boot...recovered OK though.

                    Had a good look at p-two...good site.....tried the new nvidia drivers but I have a different kernal release...mine is "Seawolf" and the only one supported for i686 7.1 is "Enterprise". ****t....still having a ball though....just like when I was first learning DOS about a hundred years ago.....

                    I realise that Lycoris is a more limited distro but I understand it works pretty well straight out of the box (well usually as I've been advised). This I hope will give me the kick off to really explore Linux without having to have the Windows backup...

                    II really would like to install the NVidia drivers so I can up the refresh rate....hate 60hz (I assume thats its default at the moment).

                    Will welcome all tips and suggestions ("cough" about the vid card etc I mean)


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                      By going for the easier option you are just delaying the inevitable..mandrake isn't that hard to get started with and i found the installation easier than the Lycoris (bearing in mind it would get past the starting lizard on lycoris lol)


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                        For the refresh rate you need to edit the monitor section of /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, change the "HorizSync" and "VertRefresh" values to exactly what it says in your monitor handbook. For the Nvidia drivers download and The readme file has all the instructions. After the install download and run to verify the drivers installed and there are no conflicting openGL files left.


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                          Thanx Bern....a real is very strange being a total newb......its amazing how tempting it was to revert to the comfort zone....but with the help you fellas give its not that daunting....thanx again


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                            I love that analogy! "the comfort zone"
                            You da' man Oldbugger:thumb:
                            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                              Hey Oldbugger! Haven's seen ya for a while! I've been busy making wine at the winery! And, tinkering with this computer in off hours.. LOL

                              I come from Western Nebraska. I thought that Nebraska was the center of the USA, Mr. C??? LOL

                              I've been considering adding Linux to the lineup to boot into. I use System Commander 7.0 by software and dual boot either into Windows XP Home, or Windows ME version. Currenlty I'm in XP it's easy to boot into ME and both work equaly well and pretty stable, expecially the XP. I can resize my primary partion and go with another OS if I want to, and was just wondering if there is any particular "version" that would work best? I've been to a Linux web site link that listed about 12 different Linux OS's out there.. Corel Linux seemed pretty nice.

                              At work at Fenn Valley Vineyards, we use Windows 98SE, and a few with ME along with UNIX SCO server that connects all of them together, and runs the powerful UNIX software for certain applications.

                              Anyay, G'Day to ya oldbugger (i'm 48 and probably older than ya), and Nice to see ya Mr. C from S. Dakota.. land of the Black Hills!