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  • linux on da mac

    Ok, soon to be getting an iBook series 2 model (the non fruity ones) and because i well, wanna actually USE the damm thing, MacOS is out of the question. So ive gotten a copy of YellowDog Linux and have scouted the web and apparantly the only thing it wont support on the iBook is firewire. Considering I have no firewire device, or any real need for them im not too concerned.

    Anyway, what I need is a MSOffice program to run on it as itl be my notebook for tafe work. Need to be able to open and save excel & word docs. Any ideas on what will do that?

    Dont make me dualboot osx/yellowdog. getting osx to work on its own is a miracle in itself...

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    The latest Koffice does a good job of importing M$ Office files but won't save to them yet, I use Open Office and AbiWord for when I need to save in MS formats and Koffice for everything else.
    PS. You might want to have a look at


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      This is kinda off topic but from what little I've seen and heard about OSX, it seems pretty good. It's based / built on Linux isn't it ? If so, would it be possible to run it on a PC rather than a Mac ?


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        OSX is based on BSD and there is an x86 project called darwin.


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          I wont touch osx with a 10foot pole, but if those office progs for linux dont work, then ill hafta setup dual boot and install msoffice under pretty sure one cannot dualboot os9 & linux cause id use os9 anyday. osx is too....fruity
          ive had a romp thru the bsd part of osx and each time the gui ends up dying and i have had to completly reformat. it just ****s me, slow, bulky and utterly candy. if you thought winxp was candy- you havnt seen nothing until you use osx.

          anyhoo, thanks for the links bern. i was gunna come home and do some research but i was dead on my feet after helping me mate move furniture down 5 flights of stairs half the day.


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            This could possibly be the most informative post I have ever made on this forum so here goes.

            Try Staroffice pretty sure Sun Microsystems made it and released it around the time they made there *nix available for download and I am equally sure you will be able to save and load most if not all your office files into it.

            This is probly irrelevant but it has this cool centrepoint app which you lauch all other stuff from, although it looks like windows (cant win em all though)

            Good luck with it :cheers:


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              Star Office 5.2 is a huge bloated app that uses java and has it's own desktop, SO 6 beta has got rid of the desktop but is time limited and will expire at the end of march, the bad news is that SUN is going to charge for the v6 final when it is released.