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playing games on Linux

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  • playing games on Linux

    is there a way to play games like halflife on Linux?

    I am a newbie here:o

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    you have to install and configure wine, which is not an easy task. If you are a noob to linux you should put this off till you are more comfortable with the OS


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      thanks...........what about dos games?

      does using linux and "wine" play games as good as a full windows os?


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        afaik, DOS games you be the same as anyting else, you will need wine. I could be wrong about that though.

        From what I've heard, there is little difference between gaming on wine and gaming on windows, as far a performance is concerned. I havn't actually done it myself, so I'm not sure.

        Most gamers with a linux fetish tend to dual boot windows and linux to avoid problems. Use linux for everything and boot into windows when you want to frag something.


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          do visit
          its a wonderful site on getting wine working.
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            For DOS games do a search for your game on sourceforge you might be surprised that there's already a port for linux especially if it was a popular game. Theres ports of Doom 1/2, Heretic, Hexen1/2, Duke3d, quake 1/2/3A, Settlers and a whole mess of other games too.

            DOSBOX is also promising: