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MDK9.1 and Guarddog

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  • MDK9.1 and Guarddog

    Have been using MDK9.1 and guarddog as the firewall. It appears that my guarddog has gone a bit feral....everytime I boot I have to run Guarddog again to set up the iptables correctly otherwise I am left with the default MDK9.1 settings....I´ve tried most thing to get it to retain the iptable settings but MDK just resets them each boot.....any ideas anyone????

    Just in case anyone else is having problems (and you may not know unless you regularly test the firewall) I have just found a work-around. I found the iptables script that GD set up with my preferences and copied that over the default iptablesscript that mdk boots with in the initrd directory. I know it is a static fix but it works until I want to change the firewall again and I don have to run GD as root each time I boot.