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Lexmark X75 - need Linux drivers

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  • Lexmark X75 - need Linux drivers

    I've been searching the net for drivers for my Lexmark X75 without much luck. I'm hoping someone here can at least point me in the right direction. I don't really care if the drivers support the copy/scan functions, I'm only concerend with printing atm... I'll worry about scanning later.

    *on a side note, I thought some of you might enjoy this image I found while searching:

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    Maybe you should read this,


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      excuse me for a moment while I go direct a few 4 letter words towards Lexmark...

      :mad: :scream:

      ok, i feel better.... nevermind, i don't.

      of all the companies to get a printer from, why did I have to get Lexamark?!? No wonder i had trouble finding a driver. When rated from Excellent to Useless, Lexmark JetPrinters scored a Useless! But, oh my, what is this? Lexmark Optra Division (read 'business') scores an 'Excellent'? So Lexmark completely favors driver development for free software for it's business class printers. But for the consumer end, we get the short end of the stick! What meager support they do provide is proprietary, outdated, worked poorly when it wasn't outdated, and was only released for a small handful of printers :scream:

      Not only does Lexmark offer no support for it's [nonexistent] Linux consumer base, it gives us absolutely nothing to work with. So now I have a large paperweight, that I can only use when I boot into Windows :barf:

      EDIT: The image I attached in my first post seems terribly appropriate now.


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        Originally posted by minibubba

        EDIT: The image I attached in my first post seems terribly appropriate now.
        so who is going to get that hot lead in? :laugh:

        though u have my full sympathy :(
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          I bought an Epson 830u after reading the vendor reports at linux printing.


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            if I could afford to buy another printer I would, but it's just not an option right now