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trouble installing radeon 9200 on linux

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  • trouble installing radeon 9200 on linux

    Just one question on ati's site I see graphic drivers for the 9000, 9500 and 9700 series. I am wondering if one of these or a lesser version will work with my 9200 on linux?

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    i have no idea wat distro you have but i found this link for redhat 9.0

    [EDIT]another thing that i just read is that there is an update available for XFree86 component. Do install the updates, if you haven't done it so far[/EDIT]
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      Try the firegl driver from schneider-digital, I use it for my 9800pro.


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        what is the xfree86 ?:?:


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          Google buddy, google


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            Originally posted by gh0stsurf
            what is the xfree86 ?:?:
            because of it, you have a nice pretty GUI


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              ok I'll try google, but back on topic I have suse linux personal 8.2 distro 2.4.20-4gb I was just at the ati website and tried downloading the firegl from thier website and for some reason the download wouldent commence. Again I have a ati radeon 9200 ( but which core do I have?)

              Good news is that for the first time in my life I am browsing tweaktown using the konquer browser engine from linux :afro:

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