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Installing Red Hat 9 in a multi-booting system with win 98,w

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  • Installing Red Hat 9 in a multi-booting system with win 98,w

    Hey everybody, as I you might have ralized I'm new, and I'm also new to Linux so I'm looking for a little help with it. The thing is this, I had Win 98 SE and Win XP Corp running on my system and I wanted to try Linux so a friend came by and installed Debian on my system but left almost unconfigured so I tried to configured it by myself but couldn't and I only messed it up badly, so now I want to install a more newbie friendly distro, Red Hat 9. The question is this: I have the three OS's loading up with LILO in my sytem, and have Win 98 SE in a separate disk and WinXP and Debian on the same disk but in different partitions, if I format the Debian partition with Partition Magic in Ext3 nad then install Red Hat 9 in this partition everything is going to be ok? or I have to do something else before isntalling RH9? (please be specific when you tell me what to do because I don't know much about this).

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    u don't need to use partition magic for formatting the disk.
    pop in the redhat cd and install it from there. since you don't want debian install can simply mount the partition where debian was as "/" i.e. the main file system for redhat install.
    you can format your disk as ext3 from the install process itself though i would recommend you go for rieserfs :cheers:
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