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Llinux and Satelliet Internet

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  • Llinux and Satelliet Internet

    We have a Hughes Direcway 4000 model 2-way satellite for Internet connection. I have configured my computer as the default gateway and have set up my wife and daughters to go through my compuer to the internet. I have even used the default gateway in Linux and the DNS number I use in the Windows XP for the Linux OS when my wife boots into Linux on her computer. She is able to browse the internet with no problems via the satellite... using Linux.

    If I boot into Linux, I cannot web browse. With the Huges Direcway systems we have the "Business Edition" ie BE in taskbar that when we loaded the sofware (windows XP), it set up drivers etc for the satellite, which connects with USB from my computer.

    Is there someone who is good at writing code that could create drivers for Linux for my Direcway system that would allow me to use the satellite when I have Linux booted? Is there a way to set up Linux Mandrake 9.0 (it's what we have) so that the satellite will work?