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Inq. reviews Lindows 4.0

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  • Inq. reviews Lindows 4.0

    looks like Linux has finally come to the end-user

    The Inquirer has reviewed LindowsOS 4.0:

    Lindows clearly isnt for the hard-core linux users but it could be a viable alternative for any end-user looking to get out from under the M$ shadow or ro just looking for a new OS that wont kill their wallet...

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    WOW is all I can say.
    Sounds like someone has finally come up with another pnp OS for the uniformed(read computer illiterate).
    Sounds like a good venture that is only going to get better with time.
    I don't know about paying $15 a month though to keep "in the loop".
    Great article,


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      Originally posted by chezman
      I don't know about paying a month though to keep "in the loop".
      but forutunatly there were links to free sites to avoid the monthy payment

      IMO the only way an OS can be sucessful in the end-user market is to be PnP...and it's the only way M$ wil ever really feel the heat of competition

      I've got to wonder if other dsitros will follow in Lindows' footsteps and release versions more oriented to the average home user (but if they do I hope they make more installation options available)

      but it's also too bad that Lindows didn't make a free to download version like so many distros do


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        IMO I think someone will come up with a free pnp version for download.

        I also think this is just the beginning!
        I think from here on out it is going to be an open source free for all where everyone strives to come out with a bigger and better free version. Now that they see it can be done. And in a VERY user friendly way.