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3d mark 2001 ?

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  • 3d mark 2001 ?

    i used 4 first time 3d mark 2001 on my new computer asus a7n8x mobo.xp2600+ cpu.(1) corsair pc3200 512mb of ram,and The question is whats the best screen size to use with this setup.right know its set at 1024x768,32 bit.i ran it on that screen size and got a score of 8308,then at 800x600,32bit and got a score 9521.i must be doing something wrong because i read the thread on 3d mark scores and there numbers are smaller. i'm in the learning stage so could someone educate me on this. oh ya i'm using a 9000 pro radaon graphics card

    thank you

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    Lower screen size=higher scores. However, to fairly compare PC's most people leave it at the default. If anything, they test at higher resolutions, which makes the score go down.

    3DMark 2003 is newer and if you bench your system with that, you'll see a very drastic decrease in your score. However, that's because it's made to slap the Radeon 9700Pro and GeForceFX around.


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      thanks i'll do the 3DMark 2003 thing and see what i get.


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        morgan what is she running from? and is she like really evil in that sig or something?.....back on topic.....800x600 gets the best score for me in se2001 I'll probably score a half of a point in 2003


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          Run benchmarks at default settings.