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  • Virus Software Question

    Hey all,

    This one is for the people who know what they're talking about. I need to know what the best, second best, third best etc... virus protection software is, and if someone can suggest a site dedicated to a good and reliable system back up method.


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    About your question on Anti-Virus software there is no best. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. The main weakness of all is that of the individual not keeping that software up to date. Two of the better ones are Norman and Norton but both need to be setup propperly and constantly updated to be effective. Neither can be effective if not maintained propperly. Being careful in what you download and open also plays a large part. :smokin:
    As to your second part I can't help you with so someone else will have to step in there.


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      I'm with Wiggo.. In looking for the 'best' virus scanner, you have to determine what's going to make it the best... do you want best value for money, best scanning engine etc... but it very hard to specifically say 'the best'....

      As for a system backup method, what exactly are you looking for? Some backup software, a hardware backup solution?

      Try to explain a little bit more what you are looking for...


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        I personally like Norman Virus Control v5.2, as it has superb heuristics that have picked up several viruses that Norton didn't even twig to... until the DEF files were updated. Heuristics scans for new, unknown viruses, and I personally feel that Norman has the edge here. Norton is an excellent signature-based scanner, and if you update very regularly it can be just as effective.

        Matter of personal preference, Norman is slightly dearer than Norton but well worth the extra money IMHO :thumb:
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          Well... I am actually programming Anti-Virus Software at the moment and has actually proved 2 be successfull...

          I has detected the new MSN worm... which was pic 1234 before it even was caught by norton.. now i am not boosting but just showing that full though of this has been put through and i am a sole programmer i have developed graphics and the other things such as the scanner registration etc...

          It is compatible with ALL Windows OS's including Microsoft XP :)

          It is extremely cheap... only 9.99 in America the price is $14.99 which is fairly cheap :) apart from australian cash i have notn calculated yet.. but i will very soon if it proves to be a hit which i hope then you can expect your pc to never have a virus again!

          Sammy :wave:


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            I use AVG Antivirus and my whole company is running AVG network edition with AVG server in the back ground. I am not tring to sell AVG but so far I have been happy at home and work. It has caught new Virii way before any other program has and even if it can't identify a new virus it will alert you of something fishy. But like everyone else has said, Antivirus is really up to you. If you know how to config your AV program then you will be safe with any of the big one's.


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              I use AVG too as well as AntiVir 9x and Nortons as what 1 misses the others will usually pick up. I run AVG always in the back ground now with the other 2 being used only when I need to scan d/l's and attachments. :devil: