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This question perhaps asked hundred time but still unreplied

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  • This question perhaps asked hundred time but still unreplied

    I have seen people asking this quary in many forums about which is the best a/v available so far.Well I still cant judge which is good or bad but I think this is the place where genius guys like osiris,wiggo,gim ect are there so I feel to ask the same quary here :smokin: Which is the best anti virus avail so far?I had Nortan and once it failed to find one trojan in my p.c so since then I never used Nortan but since then I use some trojan removers with a/v.Currently I have Pc-cillin 2003 but it makes my xp very slow I belive(all makes system slow but when it visiblely slow then its a :hammer: ).Tks!

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    Any a/v program would make your computer runs low considering it scan every file you open. I have my anti virus NOT running in the background but I have it scheduled to scan my drive twice a week.

    I've herad several things about norton being good with catching trojens and the like. Have you tried mcafee? There pretty good also although I don't use them anymore. I'm using nav03 do I have a trojen on my PC? I reallly don't know but I am careful about what I download and the things that I run and manually scan every file downloaded from the internet. Even if its a driver from the nvidia website. ;)


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      I don't think you are going to find a program which provides 100% coverage 100% of the time. If there were such a program that was readily available and reasonbly priced there would be no need for questions such as yours.

      I do think that your multi-tiered approach is a good one. A scanner for virii used in conjunction with a malware scanner does provide an added level to the security.

      I have a rather unusual approach to virii and malware.
      Not one that I reccomend mind you, but for someone who is willing to take the time it will save on all that demand on the system resources you spoke of.

      Call me stupid, call me irresponsible - all true, because I don't use any AV software resident on my local drive. :eek:

      It is true, but there are measures I take constantly to minimize the threat.
      Constantly updating the .dat files was such a hassle and so time consuming (have I ever mentioned I have a dial-up connection). And the overhead cost of used system resources just seemed silly at times for what I was doing.
      So I just quit using it. Finished, gone, all went bye-bye.

      That does not mean I don't take precautions though - no sir, not by a long shot.
      I too use a multi-tiered approach to malware.
      1) I keep up to date on the virus, trojan, worm, and logger scene through the use of news and security sites. Learn what is popular ATM - what to look for and how to avoid it.
      2) I use a primary email program other than the Outlook Express which I use for all my emailing needs. I've been using nPOP to DL the headers in my email. This is quite quick as opposed to DL'ing the whole of the messages waiting on the server. Anything I don't want to see, find suspicious or useless I just delete through nPOP. (I'm getting rid of spam faster than you can believe with this process too, another huge + to this method. The few remaining messages are then DL'ed to my regular email program in their entirety - of course all the appropriate security settings are in place to prevent the launch of malware on the slim chance that some may be present.
      3) I use a firewall. A logger, trojan or worm is pretty much useless if it can't call home to "daddy". If one does get through the other layers of security, this is the tier that nails 'em solid.
      4) I have some nice links in my favorites to sites that deal with malware and can instruct me on what steps to take should I encounter a nasty. Of course some of these also have extensive listings of the security hoaxes as well -- which in the hands of the uninformed can do almost as much damage as an actual threat.
      5) The last line of defense --- links to sites with scanner programs and online scanning in case I have a strong suspicion of unwanted activity/intrusion in my system.

      To date, this has served me quite well. In the last 3 years I have been infected by 0 virii, 0 worms, 0 loggers, and 1 trojan which was eradicated in under 20 minutes manually.
      I know people who actively use software who have a track record a bit poorer than that.

      The truth of the matter is this;
      A computer is only as secure as the weakest user.
      Being the only user, I keep my act together and I don't do too bad. Nothing is foolproof, but keeping informed takes less time than updating software and takes nothing away from my system resources because I was on the net anyway.

      I do think running AV software is a good thing in and of itself. But I truly believe it is the lazy computer users who can't be bothered to learn that stand to benefit the most from it.
      yes, I'm talking to you folks send me the email warning about the jdbgmgr virus -- you are some lazy ass bastages who should have your PC disconned from the net. The damn box with the pretty flashing lights is not a TV and should not be treated as one -- learn something for crying out loud!

      Granted, my method is neither foolproof nor for the faint of heart.
      But like I said in the first paragraph -- where is a foolproof method that allows you to actually use the potential of the internet:?:
      When you find it, let me know and I will surely switch to it quick, fast, and in a hurry.

      Doggone it!
      How in hec' did carl0s just manage to drag out of me my deepest, darkest computing secret --- watch out for this one, he has amazing power:D
      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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        I'm pretty much on the same track as Mr. C here...don't have a a/v installed and i don't plan to anytime soon


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          Well I do have an AV installed as with all the emails that come here from all over I'd be stupid as a stump not to even though I do know the signs of bad meat (someone may still think of something to get around me). I use Grisoft's Free AVG which I've found to work very well (especially for the price). Trojans are another matter which require another type of software to hunt them down (there are a few around but I can't recommend one at this time though) as these usually come into PC by means that viri don't use (I'm very careful with what files I load and where they came from as ppl find out when they try to send me a file and it just smears against the firewall). PC-Cillin just recently (now comes w/ EPoX mobo's) I found to be an utter POS imho and why EPoX changed from Norton I'll never understand. : peace2:


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            Use Nortons to find viruses and The Cleaner to find trojans. It's that simple. Never failed me.

            Nortons does not find all trojans and doesn't claim to, that's why you need a custom trojan finder/cleaner like The Cleaner.
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              Will you pls simply this?
              PC-Cillin just recently (now comes w/ EPoX mobo's) I found to be an utter POS imho and why EPoX changed from Norton I'll never understand.