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  • Windows 2000/XP Net send progy

    One day, I got tired of sending messages over to people on my LAN, by constantly typing C:\net send so I though to myself 'Hey, I can make a program to do it all for me! :D' So I made a batch-based program to act like a LAN messenger, and it's pretty cool - it's already at version 1.5 and there seems to be no problems what-so-ever with it, plus, my friends like it :p

    It's a tiny little thing, only about 26Kb, 5Kb to download in a zip.

    It is a very simple program, but it does it's job, tell me what you think of it, and if you can, suggest any improvements.


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    I like it. Can't really comment on whats need to improve it since it does everything you could want using netsend:thumb:


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      I'll give that one some thought as I can see a possible future use for that one. :thumb:

      Just atm though everyone instantly logs into an IMS so we can talk that way but I've got them all blocked atm. :laugh:


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        Well I did start this program about 2 months ago, and constantly updated it, fixed it, and improved it till I couldn't think of anything else to do with it, so I reckon it's version 1.5 Final. ;)

        The only thing I can think of, is there might be a spelling mistake in the program, lol, but that's it, everything should be extremely stable, and should not at all mess-up or crash (I made sure of that, by making it constantly refresh the variables every time you put in a command).

        The only reason why I don't use other programs, like Netmeeting, is because I don't want to open something that'll eat at my resources (because I do alot of stuff on my comp that needs everything virtually free, like UT2003 editor, and besides, it's quick!), and Netmeeting is sometimes annoying when you're trying to connect to people at times.

        Hehehh, I'm proud of my little program. :p

        ThanX for the replies, and I hope it comes to good use! :D


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          That's why I use ;)