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  • File encryption software

    Hey guys. Do you use any kind of file encryption software on your computers? I've heard that it might even be necessary to encrypt files when sending them out through file sharing apps or even when storing in the cloud. Is this true or even necessary? I've been looking into a couple of options - one of them being NordLocker, the other being VeraCrypt. What do you think?

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    Hello Tremblayt,

    I have some good suggestions in my mind available that are trusted by security experts and widely used by individuals and organizations.
    • VeraCrypt
    • BitLocker
    • AxCrypt
    You can check and go with it as per your needs. Remember that the effectiveness of any encryption software depends on how well it is implemented and how securely you manage your encryption keys and passwords. And you are right the software is really necessary, especially when you are storing in the cloud. There are also several benefits of using this such as Protecting confidential information, Enhanced security, Cloud storage protection, etc.